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Tallan Noble Latz has been heralded as a guitar phenom, the next big thing, even likened to SRV and Hendrix. Even before becoming a teenager, Tallan Noble Latz has become a much sought after entertainer. As Tallan stated in an interview, “I’m just a kid from WI who loves to play guitar. But when I’m onstage it’s 110%, nothing less. My job on stage is to make people forget about their everyday lives and make them smile when they’re having a bad day and I’m doing that with my music!” This one statement describes Tallan and who he is and the kind of entertainer he has become.

Tallan's News

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by Management on 07/30/15

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Bobby Rockets' Event

by Management on 03/12/15

Tallan will be bringing his Electric Prophecy back to where it all started years before.
Tallan first played at Bobby Rockets when he was 7 years old and now 8 years later he's headed back with his band in tow.
The event kicks off with Genevieve Heyward opening at 9 pm.
Come on out for a night of Blues/Rock music!

New Event Dates

by Management on 02/20/15

We are adding event dates all the time so keep an eye out on the events page or at Tallan's FaceBook Fan Page

Honoring Hendrix Tribute Concert

by Management on 02/20/15

The 1st ever Honoring Hendrix Tribute Concert will be at Shank Hall in Milwaukee, WI on Feb 28th!

All Hendrix, All Night!!!!!!

New Band Line-up

by Management on 02/20/15

We're excited to announce the new line-up of the band:
We have put Paul Koleske in charge of the drums.
We have put Andy Glass in charge of the low end..he's thumpin the Bass.

We're excited to hit the road with these guys!!!

Road Tested, 
Award Winning and 
Legend Approved!!
Tallan Noble Latz is an HIGH ENERGY 
Power Blues/Rock guitarist. Tallan was named by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry, the Rising Star of the Year award recipient! Everyone that witnesses Tallan on stage immediately realize that they are experiencing something special. Tallan’s concerts have become the MUST SEE Music Events!
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